Wolf Lube Super Quality Motor oil  formulated with selected base oil and highest quality performance additives which provides good Oxidation Stability, dispersant & detergent characteristics to meet API SG level . It is high quality mono grade gasoline engine oil for turbocharged or normally aspirated gasoline engines, work under server conditions.


  • Wolf Lube Super Quality Motor oil is recommended for naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines in light vehicles, Passenger cars & Commercial vehicles
  • This oil may also be used in general lubrication of various equipment.


  1. Controls the corrosive effect of combustion products.
  2. Stable under heavy load and higher temperature.
  3. Effective lubrication film on the sides of the engines.
  4. Does not form foam and oil loss is minimum.






Typical Properties

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 SAE Viscosity Grade  10W30  --------
 Density @ 15 C, g/ml  0.872 ASTM D-1298
Flash Point, COC, C 240 ASTM D-92
Pour Point, C -18 ASTM D-97
TBN, mg KOH/g 11 ASTM D-2896
Viscosity @100 C, cSt 14.5 ASTM D-445
Viscosity Index 97

ASTM D-2270